We originally went in for the smallest DJ package they had, only to realize we needed a lot more services from them. When our officiant had to cancel on us two weeks before the wedding, skills plus had stepped up and offered their services for an amazing price, and Audrion delivered the ceremony beautifully. We were getting married at a family owned venue and had rented a tent, but sadly it was in no use because of the weeks rain, the ground was completely trampled just from the set up. Because it was family owned, we did not want our families working the wedding. Adrianne stepped up and offered day of and day before rehearsal coordinators. We also chose a small package for that, but when they realized my dream wedding was turning soggy, Adrianne and her crew at skills plus had another vision for us and set up the entire event when they honestly didn't have to. They cared so much, that they were going to make this wedding happen. Having to use the same space for the ceremony and reception, they went above and beyond with the turn around they set up the tables with linens, centerpieces and table flatwear. They also worked with the little time we had to dance and made it a night to remember. We had specific request of jazz for recessions after the ceremony and they were met. We got to do all the father-daughter, mother and son dances and had time to boogie with the rest of our family and friends, even though the wedding started an hour late due to difficulties with weather and mishaps. The quality of the speakers were great, no static once so ever. The lapel mic for the officiant and mic's for our vows were a nice touch. Skills plus will go above what you can imagine, they'll match the vision for your wedding and are extremely professional people. I'm so glad and thankful to say the least, that we chose this amazing married couple. You can tell they love being in the business of entertainment, and they're quality is top notch. May God bless their future here in Shreveport, and where ever they go.

Catherine P.

These guys give new meaning to Mobile DJ. Their professionalism is unmatched

Candace R.

My daughter and her friends loved the music you played and the life you brought to the party. Thank you!

Daphney K.

This was the best Christmas party i have been to in a while! The DJ made my night! Definitely a night to remember.

Tennille C.

Skillzplus is the only company i'm using for all my future events!

Aaron C.

Awesome job! My husband's promotion ceremony wouldn't have been the same without you!

Kaprece J.

They were so professional and really made sure my baby had an awesome graduation party. My daughter and all her friends would've danced all night. I would refer them any day.

Valerie San J.

When the DJ came dressed up like Kilo Ren I almost died! That is SO awesome!! Thank y'all for making our Halloween 5K a great experience.

Amanda G.

We are so glad we chose you guys!

Isabella K.

They are awesome. They have done several events for us and everyone always says how much fun they had. They really do make sure your guests have a good time.

Rebecca G. & Sandy H.

Thank you so much for such a great performance! The service provided went above and beyond our expectations. Our students had so much fun and we couldn't be more thankful for working with us on the dates and location. 5 star performance!

Pathways in Education

Adrianne and Leann coordinated a beautiful ceremony and reception. Adrianne and her team are punctual and professional. I had the opportunity to work closely with Adrianne in a short time and she was responsive and receptive to all of my ideas and comments. She was a true blessing to have. She is attentive to detail and schedule by maintaining a mindset of staying one step ahead, limiting any worries I had.

Sue C.

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing event. Your DJing was phenomenal and everyone said so! Thank you to your entire team for a wonderful experience from start to finish!

Ms Lurry with LSU

Thank you sooo much for everything you had to do for us and the wedding..your amazing seriously couldn't have done it without you

Allie Groschef (Catherine Christ's Matron of Honor)

Words can not describe how thankful I am for you! I hope y'all didn't have to do too much after we left. I am going up there tomorrow to take care
Of the rest. Thank you so much Adrianne! You saved
Our wedding! And it was beautiful.

Catherine Christ

Yall...I cannot say enough about this company. Adrienne was a lifesaver! She kept us both sane and ensured that everything ran smoothly. Any problems...she took care of it...we just pivoted and went with it. My husband had taken my wedding shoes to the hotel accidently and had left his cufflinks at home...she grabbed a key and took off to get them...even braved the deadly chihuahua at my house to save the day! Leanne was amazing too! She decorated my cake with the flowers for me since I had to get ready. And the DJ service was top notch. Professional, competent, creative and personable!

Rene Coleman