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Introducing the There It Is podcast: Your Exclusive Pass to Success Stories!

Introducing the There It Is podcast: Your Exclusive Pass to Success Stories!

Hosted by Audrion Paul, CEO of SkillzPlus Entertainment

Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey into the hearts and minds of your local heroes, visionaries, and creative geniuses! The There It Is podcast is your one-stop destination to uncover the untold stories of the incredible people who make your community shine.

Join our charismatic host, Audrion Paul, as he dives deep into the lives and careers of local businesses, leaders, and artists, shining a spotlight on who they are and the unique paths they've taken to reach their pinnacle of success.

  • Discover the secrets behind their triumphs.
  • Unearth the passion that fuels their creativity.
  • Learn from their challenges and victories.
  • Connect with the movers and shakers in your own backyard.
Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a curious artist, or simply someone who appreciates the relentless pursuit of dreams, the There It Is podcast promises to ignite your ambition and fuel your passion.

Don't miss out on the chance to be inspired, informed, and entertained by the incredible individuals who define and elevate your local community. Subscribe now and let the There It Is podcast be your guiding light on the path to success!

Tune in, and let's uncover the greatness that's been hiding in plain sight. There It Is - the stories you've been waiting for, brought to you by Audrion Paul and SkillzPlus Entertainment.

"There It Is" Episode 1 - Heather Zahn

"There It Is" Episode 2 - Denise Schnelle

"There It Is" Episode 3: Barbara Williford

"There It Is" - Episode 4: Caleb King

"There It Is" - Episode 5: Emerie Holtzclaw

"There It Is" - Episode 6: Desiree Williams

"There It Is" - Episode 8: Quinn Ferguson

"There It Is" - Episode 9: Carolyn Cook

"There It Is" Episode 10: Tim Magner

"There It Is" Episode 11 - Net Robinson

"There It Is" Episode 12 - Franchesca Posey

"There It Is" - Episode 13: Latoya Phelps-Amos

"There It Is!" - Episode 14: Donesa Walker