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Get help with your event planning in Shreveport, LA

Don't stress out over the planning of your event. Skillzplus Entertainment assists with event and party planning in the Shreveport, LA area.

Planning a wedding or work party can be stressful and time consuming. If you need a certified event planner to help you plan your event to perfection, call us. We can take on the planning of the entire event or help with specific tasks.

When you hire Skillzplus Entertainment, we'll plan out your event, keep you in the loop throughout the planning process and let you make all the final decisions.

Make sure your party goes according to plan. Hire a dedicated party planner today.

Why hire an event planner?

Skillzplus Entertainment helps with event planning in Shreveport, LA. Work with our certified event planners to:

  • Conserve time
  • Come up with creative event ideas
  • Save money by finding the best catering and venue deals
  • Make sure your event space is cleaned up after the party
  • Reduce your stress during the planning process

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Event & Wedding Planning Packages

Day of Coordination

Ideal package for:

· Client who wants to plan their event from beginning to end and would like an onsite coordinator for the event day.
· Client who wants to be in charge of all details and logistics with all vendors and would like a coordinator there to make sure schedule and plans are adhered to or make changes as needed throughout the day.


· Emailed pre-planned questionnaires to prompt the client to send necessary information in order to effectively prepare for the event day coordination.
· (2) pre-planning meetings (or calls) up to 1.5 hours each, to discuss event plans and details.
· Event coordinator for up to (8) hours during the event day to ensure all vendors are n place as scheduled, coordinate and ensure all setups are going as planned and assist with adjustments that need to be made for any unscheduled changes.

Limited Planning

Ideal package for:

· Client who wants to contact and contract their own vendors.
· Client who has made most of the event day decisions but wants to hand off the responsibility of bringing it all together, to someone else.
· Client who wants to enjoy the event and not be responsible as the contact for all vendors, guests, etc. who may have questions before or on the day of events.
· Client who does not yet have an event planner and wants one to ensure all details of their event have been planned for and proper etiquette is being followed.


· Consultation with planner to include vendor recommendations if needed.
· Client working with event planner (3) months before the event, if applicable, to determine what needs to be planned and coordinated and assigning tasks between client and planner.
· Hand off of event plans and activities to the event planner (1) month prior to event day.
· Hand off all communication with all vendors to the event planner so that the event planner is the primary contact for all vendors (1) month prior to event day.
· Set up and coordination of day/time before event day for all vendors to meet at the event venues for a full walk-through, if necessary.
· Detailed event day schedules for vendors and need-to-know personnel.
· Event planner and assistant (if needed) for up to 8 hours on the event day.

Full Planning

Ideal package for:

· Client who wants a planner to attend vendor appointments.
· Client who wants a planner to attend or help with all event aspects and meet throughout the planning process.
· Client who has little or no time to make event plans.
· Client who may want to pick out a theme or general décor, but wants a planner to take over and make final decisions as to design and most aspects of event planning.
· Client who doesn't want to handle any logistics of the event (power, lighting, layout, etc.)
· Client who wants a planner to create a grand event from their theme or idea.
· Client who would like to have an expert every step of the way as they plan and customize the event.


· All limited planning services.
· Unlimited time for face-to-face meetings, vendor and venue meetings throughout event planning through the day of the event (beginning (1) year before event date, if applicable)
· RSVP tracking for invitations.
· Budget tracking.
· Guest communication and points of contact for accommodation and area travel information.
· Welcome bag drop-off to guest hotels (up to 2 hours)

Consulting Only

service for:

· Client who wants to plan their own event but wants ideas, design, and/or guidance as they go through the process of planning and customizing a unique, personalized event.
· Client who needs help getting started and/or wants to make sure they have an organized and manageable way to tack all aspects of event planning.
· Client who is in the planning process and wants a planner to ensure that they have planned and prepped for all aspects of the event. Client who would like for an outside party to communicate with the personnel involved with the event, track RSVPs, handle guest correspondence and/or travel accommodations for guests, communicate with certain vendors.


· Phone or face to face appointment for any and all event planning etiquette, budget, and décor related questions.
· Client may use consulting time towards organizing and handling guest arrangements or specific vendors.