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Mission Statement

At Skillzplus Entertainment we strive to be one of the most respected brands. To accomplish this, we have adopted a culture that empowers and supports our team members which in turn enables them to provide customers with superior service.


Creating joy through our service.
Being humble.
Fuel growth with education and innovation.
Build and strengthen honest relationships through communication.

Audrion Paul

Audrion Paul

Owner & CEO

My Story
Funny story... Just like many DJs and artists it all started when I was younger. My Dad was a club owner in Atlanta in the mid 90s and even though I was young, I was the one he looked to for help on keeping him in touch with music for a younger crowd. He, in turn, provided me with the knowledge of music from his day. I used to get in trouble because when he came home from work he would find me in the basement destroying his vinyls trying to scratch as if I was performing for hundreds of fans. From time to time he would let me come to the club and get on the turntables but of course I was horrible. I was young and in that stage of life I was interested in girls and having fun with my friends so I didn't really pursue it. However, my love for music always stayed there, so it was inevitable that the DJ inside me would emerge. Eventually that is just what happened, now I am a DJ that strives to be the best at what I do and try to get better everyday.

Musical Influence
My musical influence, I would have to say, all started with my brother who also had a love for music. Being that we are so far apart in age he already had a grasp on the history and knowledge of music. Of course me being the younger brother I would sneak his LL Cool J cassette tapes and try to play them quietly in my room so he nor my parents would hear. That wasn't all, his inventory varied with artists like Rakim, Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, De La Soul, Slick Rick, you name it. My influence didn't stop there, however, greats such as The Temptations, Al Green, Michael Jackson, James Brown, even Frank Sinatra along with many others also played an inspirational role in my musical growth.

Adrianne Paul

Adrianne Paul

Director of Events

My Story
Most girls growing up dream about their wedding and what it would be like. Wearing their bridal gown, walking down the aisle with all eyes on them towards their prince charming that will sweep them off their feet; well I'm no exception and I have not only dreamt about it but it has become a passion. I have always loved to look at wedding gowns even with no wedding in sight just to imagine how the entire event might look depending on the gown. The first wedding that I coordinated was for a friend, they did not know the first thing that needed to be done in order to get married. I assisted them with applying for their marriage license, picking out a wedding dress and suit, creating wedding shoes, making the veil, making the bouquet and boutonniere, making their 3-tier wedding cake with designs and organizing their reception. From this experience I learned that I loved to create one of the most important and special moments in someone's life. I love to see the pure joy on a person's face when they experience what I created for them whether it's their wedding, a birthday party, an office event, or special occasions. Planning events is not a job for me it's a hobby and I'm dedicated to do whatever is necessary in order to make it perfect and happen just the way it's intended.

Musical Influence
Music makes everything better, and found that out early on in my life. Growing up, before I left for school in the morning I would put in a blank VHS cassette in order to record all the music videos that would come on during the day. Once I came home, after my homework was finished of course, I would play the video tape and look for the videos that had a lot of dancing. A few of my favorite artists that had the best music videos with dancing are Janet Jackson, Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson, and Total just to name a few. To this day I can still do the Janet Jackson "If" dance! I'm an old soul and I like classical music and soul music but when it comes to dancing I love the 90s songs.